This amazing 28-page booklet was printed in 1975 by WACO HERITAGE PUBLICATIONS in celebration of our nation’s Bicentennial in 1976. It features the beautiful drawings of Waco artist Steve Ashley and descriptive narration by Dayton Kelley. On their introductory page, Dayton Kelley and Steve Ashley wrote:

“Whether one is interested in American history or some other type of history, it can become more meaningful if it is viewed in the light cast by those who participated in the events which affected history. The people who made our town what it is today are our finest heritage and WACO HERITAGE HIGHLIGHTS is a bicentennial tribute to those people and the events they inspired. The reader will find no attempt here to interpret the events or to evaluate the contributions of the pioneers. Rather, we have attempted to depict through the medium of illustrations, combined with brief historical text panels, some of the major events in the long and illustrious history of Waco. During 1976, almost every community in the United States will be looking more closely at its history and its heritage than it ever has before. Waco, too, will be celebrating the past in various ways and it is our hope that WACO HERITAGE HIGHLIGHTS will contribute in some measure to the pride that Waco citizens have in the heritage and history of their town.”

Indeed, it does!