Pete the Pup…the Waco Connection!

Pete the Pup (1929-1946)

This was a card that was produced by The Waco History Project and the printing was courtesy of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. The back of the card says:

“Pete the Pup (1929-1946) of the Hal Roach “Our Gang” comedies of the 1930s, was the best known of several American Staffordshire Terriers who played the companion to The Little Rascals. He was the pet of former Robinson mayor Ted Lucenay (1925-2004), whose father, Harry Lucenay, signed the dog to the movies starting at $125.00 per week (1,500.00 in today’s dollars). Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ted Lucenay.”

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ted Lucenay.

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