The Halbert and Margaret Buchanan House at Lake Waco

Halbert and Margaret Buchanan, better known as “Doc and Peggy”, were the owners of Buchanan’s Laundry and Linen Supply at 420 South Eleventh Street.  They had a home at 5309 Hillcrest, at the end of Hillcrest Drive that overlooked Lake Waco.

Their granddaughter Julie Oates told us: “The house was designed by Charles Dilbeck who built many homes in Dallas and Oklahoma City. My grandparents, Halbert (Doc) and Margaret (Peggy) Buchanan loved Dallas and must have seen his homes when visiting. Doc grew up in Waco on a working ranch. He was one of nine children and the youngest of five boys. He was one of the most generous and joyful people I have known. Peggy grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She was a lady to the ‘nth degree’ who also enjoyed fishing, hunting, and horseback riding all her life. They met at the Waco Cotton Palace in 1930. Peggy’s Godmother was from Waco so Peggy travelled on what must have been an adventure to Texas. Theirs was a marriage made in heaven. Their two children were/are my mom, Elizabeth (Betsy) Buchanan Oates, and uncle, Mercer Buchanan. Uncle Mercer still lives nearby in Waco. They moved into the home before Mom was born which was 1938, but I don’t know exactly when.”

“They lived their remaining years in the home and treasured this magical place. They loved to entertain and welcomed people from all over the world. They owned and operated Buchanan’s Laundry, attended St. Paul’s Episcopal church, were active in the community, and traveled extensively and were amazing grandparents. Their house has been beautifully restored and maintained by current owners Will and Merrill Jones. Part of my heart will always be at 5309 Hillcrest.”

This article first appeared in the April, 2021 issue of “Waco, Texas History in Pictures Magazine”.

All of the photos in this article were contributed by the Buchanan’s granddaughter, Julie Oates.

3 thoughts on “The Halbert and Margaret Buchanan House at Lake Waco

  1. We use to play in their house and on their property when we were little. They were a lovely couple and always welcomed us! The house was magical as a child! Such fond memories.

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