The Square, 1917

The Historic Waco Square in 1917, with the old City Hall in the center. The current city hall was built in 1930. Taken from the American Amicable (ALICO) Building by Mann, a photographer believed to have been connected with Camp MacArthur. The ALICO Building was only six years old!

That’s the OLD McLennan County Courthouse at the extreme right side of the page at “3:00”.

Waco City Square, 1917. Photo by F. Mann.

One thought on “The Square, 1917

  1. Such a peaceful scene, until you realize that just the previous May of 1916, on this very spot, occurred one of our country’s most brutal scenes of mob violence in the lynching of Jesse Washington. Check out the Wikipedia page on this story. My father was a small child in Waco at the time, but he recalled the horror this episode wrought on the entire community.


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