Fred Gildersleeve

Fred Gildersleeve (1880-1958) was “Waco’s Photographer.” He is buried at Waco Memorial Park. The photo of his grave marker is by Ann Westbrook, and the photo of him is a part of the Gildersleeve-Conger Collection at The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

3 thoughts on “Fred Gildersleeve

  1. My parents lived in the house at 2219 Ethel in Waco. My mom took care of Mr. Gildersleeve until his death.
    Mr. Gildersleeve occupied the upstairs portion of the house. As a child I remember he always had his radio on. And at noon you could always hear the the tones for the station he listened to.
    The house next door belonged to his sister. Everyone called her Little Doctor. All I can recall of her is that she always answered the hundreds of questions we had for her.
    Elliott Adams

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