The Mouth of the Bosque

The Mouth of the Bosque
Cameron Park
October 11, 1917

We recently acquired this post card photo that I had never seen. It was taken by T. Mann, a photographer who seems to have been associated with WWI Camp MacArthur (1917-19) in North Waco. The cliff is what we now know as “Circle Point” and the Bosque River, which has just flowed past Lovers Leap, is now joining the Brazos River, where it will continue the journey south through Waco and beyond. Where the Bosque River meets the Brazos River is called the “Mouth of the Bosque”. The area at the top of the photo is Steinbeck Bend. And if you’re new to Waco, “Bosque” is pronounced “Bos-Kee”. 😊

Brazos River near Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas. By T.Mann, 10-11-1917.

Photo from Google Earth.

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