Big 4 Ice Company


Avery Von Blon writes that he wonders how many Wacoans have spotted the old Big 4 Ice Co. emblem recently exposed on the little building at Twelfth and Columbus that used to be an “ice house”.

“It will take some of the old hats of Waco to recall this or the chore of buying ice here and taking it home on the bumper of one’s car and carrying it into the house to place in the ice box to keep things cool.”

“How many times did one forget to empty the pan under the ice box and let the water run over?” Von Blon asked.

It’s a safe guess there are quite a few out there who remember Big 4 Ice Co., but even some of those might have forgotten how handily a nickel block of ice would fit on the bumpers of the cars of yesteryear.

The Waco Tribune Herald, October 12, 1975.

Article contributed by Mike Braun and transcribed by Randall Scott.

(NOTE: Big 4 Ice Company was located on the southwest corner of 8th and Franklin, 203-225 South 8th, where M. B. Ise Cream Company was earlier, and where the new Post Office would later be built.)

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The Waco News Tribune, May 16, 1920.

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